Durable Slip-On Shoes Made from Sustainable Materials

Our shoes may biodegrade* in a compost pile, but they hold up against anything more than natural wear and tear until then. Built for the nature lovers — the surfers, wanderers, adventurers, the people that put Mother Earth above all else — BLUEVIEW shoes are your trusted teammate in making a difference without sacrificing quality and comfort.

Durability-Tested. Adventurer-Approved.

You might find it hard to believe that shoes made from plant oils can be as sturdy and long-lasting as the industry’s most heavy-duty footwear. We might not have believed it either if we hadn’t seen it for ourselves through extensive durability and stress tests. Compared to our petroleum-based competitors, our materials aren’t just more sustainable—they’re more durable and comfortable.

With everything BLUEVIEW shoes can withstand, they’re the first you’ll grab as you head out for an afternoon walk, early dawn patrol, or all-day adventure. Whether you’re walking through beach trails, on the dunes, or into shallow waves, you won’t be facing the split soles, worn-out uppers, or toe holes of sub-par sneakers. And with anatomically contoured footbeds and cushioned soles that properly support your feet, you’ll never have to pass on sweet swells or good vibes.

Shoes You’ll Wear But Not Wear Out

Don’t worry, they don’t biodegrade* unless they are in an environment with constant exposure to water, oxygen, and microorganisms. That usually means buried in soil, sea water, or compost. While normal shoes can take 100 years to biodegrade*, BLUEVIEW footwear takes as little as months. The best part, the shoe’s all-natural, plant-based materials are actually nourishing the soil simultaneously.

wear em, love em

Longer Life Cycle:

Our shoes can go toe-to-toe with our synthetic competitors, holding up where others don’t, meaning you get more mileage out of every pair.

Durability to Spare:

BLUEVIEW outranks competitors in durability and stress tests, proving once and for all that nature is the strongest force out there.

Sustainable Solutions:

Made from renewable materials, BLUEVIEW shoes biodegrade* to feed the earth’s organisms instead of feeding into our growing plastic problem.

Step Into A Greener Future in BLUEVIEW Shoes