Leave only footprints

The world's first biodegradable* shoe for those committed to the future of the planet. BLUEVIEW is the first to combine biodegradable* materials with an ocean of comfort and serious durability, for a game changing shoe that is sustainable, while still being stylish.

I'm in love with these shoes and wear them all the time!


I absolutely love these shoes. They are a permanent part of my wardrobe now!


Overall great shoes! Aesthetic, design and of course the materials are all amazing!


Plant Based Materials; From Nature Back to Nature

Biodegradable* Products

A shoe that won't last years in the ocean like the rest

Plant-Based Materials

Respect for the ocean with shoes made from plant-based fabrics and oils over synthetic plastics that choke our waterways and litter beaches.

Carbon-Cutting Practices

Plant-based production processes cut down on carbon emissions, offering a solution for a changing planet.