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Pre-Orders, Shipping & Delivery questions

A pre-order is an order made before the item is available to ship from our warehouse.  At BLUEVIEW we are launching our brand with pre-orders. The first 2 colors available for pre-order are Vintage Black / Cloud and Sand Dune / Cloud.  We expect those to be available to ship from our warehouse in mid-April.

Simply go to our website to enter your order number. Then, click the tracking number to review the status of your order and when you’re scheduled to receive it.

There’s no guarantee, but if you change your mind within the hour of submitting your pre-order and reach out to support@blueviewfootwear.com to cancel or modify a pre-order, our customer service team will do their best to help you. Worst case scenario, your pre-order ships as-is and then you can proceed as a return or exchange once received.

Your pre-order will ship from California.

Our goal is to ship your pre-order as soon as it arrives in our warehouse, so you can have them on your feet sooner rather than later!  We expect the first 2 colors (Vintage Black / Cloud and Sand Dune / Cloud) to be available to ship from our warehouse in mid-April. Ground shipping will usually take 3-5 business days.

At this time, we are focused on servicing the United States only.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and debit card as long as it has a Visa or MC symbol.

If federal/state/local mandates are in place, it may cause shipping delays due to several factors, such as travel restrictions and/or available staffing. 

Our shoes are fully machine washable - wash on delicate with cold water using mild detergent. Pull out insoles before washing shoes. Our Soleic insoles are meant to be hand-washed separately and air dried. Let the shoes air dry - do not put in dryer

Yes, they are! However, our Soleic insoles must be hand washed and air dried. They are not meant to be machine washable.

Our first BLUEVIEW shoe was not designed to be waterproof, but rather to be breathable and comfortable for summer wear. We are busy working on a water resistant  shoe that will still be biodegradable*, based on a biodegradable* polyurethane coating for the uppers. We hope to have that water resistant shoe ready to go by next winter so keep watching our site for its release.

Yes, they do! Our shoes are sized according to the US standard so we have half sizes to accommodate those that truly fit between whole sizes. We offer a unisex size run that will fit Boy’s, Women’s, and Men’s sizes.  The size conversion is as follows:

Boy’s 3.5 = Women’s 5.0

Boy’s 4.0 = Women’s 5.5

Boy’s 4.5 = Women’s 6.0

Boy’s 5.0 = Women’s 6.5

Boy’s 5.5 = Women’s 7.0

Boy’s 6.0 = Women’s 7.5

Men’s 6.5 = Women’s 8.0

Men’s 7.0 = Women’s 8.5

Men’s 7.5 = Women’s 9.0

Men’s 8.0 = Women’s 9.5

Men’s 8.5 = Women’s 10.0

Men’s 9.0 = Women’s 10.5

Men’s 9.5 = Women’s 11.0

Men’s 10.0 = Women’s 11.5

Men’s 10.5 = Women’s 12.0

Men’s 11.0 = Women’s 12.5

Men’s 11.5 = Women’s 13.0

Men’s 12.0 = Women’s 13.5

Men’s 13.0 = Women’s 14.5

No, they don’t and it’s a good thing! What you order is what you get.

Despite being made from plant-based materials, BLUEVIEW shoes are just as durable on your feet as your typical petroleum-based shoe.  In fact, our shoes beat the industry average in a durability test at Heeluxe Labs in Santa Barbara, a popular testing lab for footwear brands. Designed by surfing scientists with a penchant for invention,  and wear tested extensively both on foot and in third-party labs, BLUEVIEW shoes hold up and support you through all of your adventures. BLUEVIEW shoes only biodegrade* once they are completely covered in an environment rich with microorganisms and moisture, such as when they are placed in a compost pile. 

BLUEVIEW shoes are made from plant-based and biodegradable* materials.  The upper parts of the shoe are knit from hemp fiber and eucalyptus fiber threads. The bottom parts of the shoe are made from Soleic biodegradable* polyurethanes that were developed at Algenesis labs. Soleic polyurethanes are made from plant-based materials and are biodegradable* in compost or other environments rich with microorganisms. Finally, the inside parts of the shoe are made of cotton fiber linings and jute strobels. A description of every part of our shoe is shown on our website for additional information on our amazing technology.

Biodegradation* time will vary depending on the specific part of the shoe, and the conditions in the surrounding environment. We expect that the entire shoes will biodegrade* in less than a year in a compost bin with high activity (frequently replenished and turned over, at what are called thermophilic composting temperatures, meaning 58 Centigrade (°C)).

BLUEVIEW is the world’s first biodegradable* shoe made from plant-based materials, that has been verified by scientific data. Our scientists invented a new biodegradable* polyurethane foam material that allowed us to replace the non-biodegradable petroleum-based plastics typically used in shoes. The petroleum foam in an average shoe lasts hundreds of years in the environment. For the other components of the shoe, we chose to use naturally biodegradable* materials rather than synthetic fibers. Our shoe will safely biodegrade* and be incorporated into environments rich with microorganisms, such as an active compost pile.

There is a movement in the industry towards science-backed innovation and messaging criteria. BLUEVIEW will be the first shoe to carry multiple scientific certifications that will help to establish a higher standard of credibility in the eco-innovation and sustainable products marketplace. We’ll have measured biodegradation using ASTM D5338 compost biodegradation methods, in addition to bio-content certifications from the USDA biopreferred program. We intend to launch a university-led standards group to assist in fighting greenwashing.

We will honor returns and exchanges within 30 days from the date purchased from www.blueviewfootwear.com. We encourage you to try on your pair while indoors as soon you receive them to ensure they’re the right fit for you. If you choose to return or exchange them, they must be unworn, undamaged, unwashed and returned in its original packaging. All you have to do is go through the online return/exchange process and we’ll cover it from there. The return shipping is on us! For exchanges, it will be based on available inventory and a pair will be sent your way. 

We are committed to creating footwear products that are fully biodegradable*, sustainable and comfortable on your feet…on top of that, being nice to mother earth! With that said, you may discover you receive a pair with slight variations, but that’s part of the design. Our products are made with natural plant based materials in both the uppers and the soles, and so it’s likely you’ll receive a unique pair. We truly hope you love your BLUEVIEW shoes and will work with you to ensure the right fit.

It’s easy! We’ll help you get started on your return process by clicking here. Be sure to have your order number handy which can be found on the carton contents label or your email order confirmation.

First, you’ll need to insert the RMA packing slip inside the box. Second, reseal with your return shipping label affixed to the outside of the original packaging box. Third, drop it off at your local USPS facility.

Returns are free! We got you covered, as long as it’s within 30 days from the date of purchase.

As soon as your item is received by our returns department, then you will be issued a refund within 48 hours. From there, it may take 7-10 business days to clear which will vary depending on your banking institution.

All you need is your order number which can be found on the original contents label or in your email order confirmation to process an exchange. Start your gift exchange process here.

If your gift doesn’t suit you, you will be able to exchange it. We are unable to issue a refund, unless you are the original purchaser, which will then be treated just like a return and funds will be returned to the original form of payment.

We use testing methods that measure biodegradation* of our shoes in compost, soil, and oceans. One standardized test we use is ASTM D5338, a method for determining aerobic biodegradation* of plastic materials under controlled thermophilic composting conditions, but we also look at degradation in soil and ocean under normal environmental temperatures.  We measure CO2 evolution under ASTM D5338, but we also look at mass loss and measure the molecules that are generated during biodegradation*. We publish our results in peer reviewed scientific publications – please visit the materials & technology page to read those.

ASTM D5338 is a standard test method for determining aerobic biodegradation* of materials under controlled composting conditions, at the thermophilic temperature of 58* C, a temperature that some, but not all, composting systems achieve. These conditions are consistent with industrial composting and are often called industrial composting conditions. ASTM D5338 measures the CO2 that is generated when the foams are degraded by microorganisms, as a way to measure biodegradation*. Because this is an indirect measurement of biodegradation, it is not a perfect test, but it is the standard method used for measuring biodegradation* under aerobic composting conditions.

No, our shoes are made with biodegradable* materials, not non-biodegradable plastics with additives mixed in to make them fall apart. We have tested our shoe’s materials for biodegradation* in a variety of environments and with isolated microorganisms that actively biodegrade* our shoes. These tests verify that the end products of biodegradation are biomass, CO2,  and some of the bio-derived molecular components we use to make the shoe; and are not micro plastics that persist in the environment. We have documented this in peer reviewed scientific journal articles and on our website.

If the soil in your backyard is moist, your shoe would biodegrade* in that environment in probably less than 1 year, but we prefer that you send the shoe back to us so we can recycle it in the best way possible. We are testing industrial composting, anaerobic digestion (to produce biogas), and enzymatic recycling of our polyurethanes, as those are much better options then throwing your shoe in the trash, or burying it in your backyard.   

We hope you won’t throw your BLUEVIEW shoes away in the trash, as we can recycle them back at Algenesis, and keep it out of landfills.  If your BLUEVIEW shoe does end up in a landfill it will biodegrade*, but at a very slow rate, as landfills were not designed for biodegradation*, they were designed to keep trash buried forever. 

Not in the legal definition, as Compostable is defined in California as reaching 90% biodegradation* in 90 days under composting conditions. Our shoes were designed to biodegrade* under composting conditions, and while some of the components of our shoe meet the legal definition of 90% biodegradation* in 90 days (the uppers and the insoles), the shoe as a whole will not biodegrade* that fast, as the outsoles and cupsoles were designed to be durable, as well as compostable. 

A material is considered biodegradable if fungi, bacteria, or other micro-organisms can break it down and convert it back to elements found in nature. Depending on the environment and the material in question, this can take between weeks and years.

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